Family Farming in America
A site that celebrates sustainability within local communites. Also adresses the differences and issues between local and industrial agriculture:

The National Agricultural Statistics Service, which provides "timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture":

A trailer for "Food Inc.;" a documentary that explores the food production process within the corporate farms of America:

A youtube channel entitled "America's Heartland," which celebrates and educates viewers about the nation's agriculture:

A webpage that compares industrial farms to family farms. The side by side chart compares such topics as health issues, animal waste issues, and fuel issues:

A list of the current congressional bills pertaining to farming within America's agricultural legislation:

A 1997 powerpoint created by high school students, entitled Losing the Family Farm
Selected bibliography pertaining to Midwestern farming:

Extended bibliography pertaining to limiting corporate farming and extending the family farm, as provided by the National Agricultural Law Center: 

A 2005  site created by South Dakotans in an effort to protect the family farms in their community:

The Center for Rural Affairs, also featured on the website:

An interactive map of the nation on the Trust for Public Land website, which shows local agencies and land trust services within selected sections of the United States:

An organization recognized in 32 states, the National Family Farm Coalition works to maintain family farming in America:

An interview with economist Joseph Stiglitz, who discusses corporate farming and the competition and the agricultural competition within America:

A pro-corporate farming research article written by The National Agricultural Law Center in Arkansas:

An essay focused on the changing agricultural climate of North Carolina:

CAFO- raising awareness for industrial animal factories:

An interview with Missouri native Bill Christison, family farm leader in America, discussing the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms):